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MS- HR Black Pipes and Tubes

We are the most reliable manufacturers and dealers of MS-HR black pipes and tubes that offer precision. We offer the best MS-HR black pipes and tubes in different sizes, shapes and thicknesses that are precise and result in less wastage.

MS- HR Black Pipes or Mild Steel – Hot Rolled Black Pipes is called MS -HR Black Pipe because it is made by hot rolling mild steel sheets into pipe or tube shape and joining by electrical resistance welding. Black indicates that it is not galvanized and it comes without any surface coating. It is one of the cheapest metals available in the market and can last up to 100 years if placed in a well-maintained environment. The high-quality steel used to manufacture black pipes makes it one of the most used ones in the construction and general engineering industries today.

Manufactured in compliance with industrial standards using high quality metals, these pipes are available in different grades and classes conforming to national and international standard specifications.

These are perfect for construction and fabrication.


    • Corrosion resistant
    • High strength
    • Sturdy

General Applications

    • Industrial Sheds
    • Bridges
    • Swaged Poles
    • Telecom Towers
    • Scaffoldings
    • Mine roof support system
    • Plumbing works

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